The Rapid Response Cell (RRC) is a work cell that truly maximizes production efficiencies. Stress levels have been reduced, production efficiency is at an all-time high and customers receive their projects on-time and on-budget. The RRC works for everyone!


The RRC was created to address a few customer needs. In the past, long-run production was being interrupted when short-run or prototype work came into the shop. Production machines had to be paused and re-tooled for the work. When this short-run and prototype work was completed, the machines had to be stopped again and re-tooled for the long-run production work. This was time consuming, expensive and frustrating for shop workers and customers because it affected delivery times. It was nearly impossible to set accurate start and end dates because of the constant interruptions.


Now, because the RRC separates the long-run from short-run production, long run production can run without being interrupted. Short-run and prototype work can be completed quicker and that satisfies customers.


The RRC work cell is situated in a specific area of the Fabrication Shop and is continually manned by two highly skilled machine operators. The cell is equipped with laser cutting, press brake, PEM machine and a welder. The RRC is equipped to handle production work that has a due date of less than one week, less than 50 pieces and re-work projects. Labor hours are costed the same as other work centers.


If you have prototype or short-run projects you need completed in a short period of time, contact us, and ask about our Rapid Response Cell capability.

Rapid Response Cell - Metal Fabrication

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