Welding services are the cornerstone of our fabrication shop.  We have eight manual welding bays staffed by highly trained experts in MIG and TIG welding, spot welding, aluminum and steel welding.

We also have some of the latest robotic welding technology including six-axis ABB FlexArc robots and a Fanuc COBOT robot. All three of which produce consistent, high-quality welds using repeatable processes to cut down on scrap and increase efficiency.

For jobs that require more precision and a smaller weld bead, we also have an IPG LightWeld XC Hand Laser.

Here is a sampling of the equipment we have in our shop:

Miller MIG and TIG Welders

  • Three Dynasty 400 Tig Welders
  • Three Dynasty 280 Tig Welders
  • Three Deltaweld 350 Pulse Mig welders
  • Seven XMT 304 CC/CV MIG Welders

IPG LightWeld XC Hand laser welder

  • Pulse, continuous, and spot-welding function. Use with or without wire feeder.
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Fanuc CRX-10iA COBOT Robot

  • Easy teach pendant
  • Lincoln PowerWave Power source, with pulse capabilities

ABB FlexArc K, 6axis Robots

  • Fronius TPS 400i Power source, with pulse capabilities
  • One has a 98” x 55” x 55” work envelope with dual pallet changer
  • Both of which can weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals