DSI is your prototyping partner and can make a big difference in your idea becoming a reality. Need a functional prototype and you need it fast? Do you have an idea and want to get it created as a CAD design?  The prototype engineers at DSI can make that happen. DSI engineers are seasoned professionals, experienced in providing rapid prototyping services. You need it to happen fast? No problem. With our Rapid Response Cell, we can dedicate time just for you.


Prototyping ServicesDSI is a full-service prototype machining and fabrication company. From working with our engineers and creating CAD designs to our CNC machining prototyping service, we get the job done right, to your specifications and at a price that fits your budget. We have been operating our metal and plastic machining and fabricating services for over 35 years. We are a full-service machine and fabrication shop, experienced in prototype-to-production projects. Need a CNC machining prototype partner you can depend on? Call on DSI. Our quality is as reputable as our commitment to serve.

We are experts in Machining Prototyping.
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DSI provides efficient and affordable rapid sheet metal prototyping. Our fabrication engineers have the experience in quickly producing prototype designs that fit your exact specifications. Need a sheet metal prototype made quickly? Let us know. Our metal fabrication shop is fully equipped to quickly handle any metal prototype fabrication project. Whether its CNC laser cutting, forming, welding, stamping, finishing, and assembling, our sheet metal prototyping service can be set aside just for you. No need to 3D print your prototype when you can have an actual production-ready part built just as fast at DSI.


Prototyping Machine Shop ServiceCreating a prototype can be a time-consuming process. At DSI, our job is to help you succeed as quickly and efficiently as possible. With a prototype, you can experiment with design concepts that will refine and validate your product ideas. Partner with DSI engineers. We help bring your prototype to product. Many of our customers bring their ideas to DSI to find a better, more cost-effective, and productive way to produce their part. That's our goal for you. With DSI as your engineering consultant, we will always strive to improve every prototype from CAD design, machining and fabrication to production costs and time-to market. That's what partners do. Contact DSI for fast prototype services.

We are experts in Sheet Metal Prototyping.
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