DSI has provided metal cutting services for over 35 years to the sheet metal fabrication, retail store fixtures and displays, and OEM industries. When you need metal cutting of up to 1" thick, turn to Decimet Sales. We are a laser cutter you can trust to complete your job quickly and affordably.


What is CNC Laser Cutting?
Using a CNC Laser Cutter is one of the first steps in the sheet metal fabrication process. The laser cutter uses a focused, high-powered, Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) laser beam directed toward the metal to cut out intricate designs and shapes in metal material. The laser melts the metal material and high-pressure gas removes it. This process is quick, efficient and operates with high precision because it is controlled by a CNC program.


DSI CAD designers can work with you to design your part so that time and waste is minimized while optimizing the design-to-manufacturing process. Your design is then transferred to the CNC program which operates the laser to create your part to your exact specifications.


When you work with experts, you know you'll be getting high quality work done quickly. That's what DSI provides. We are experts in cutting metal.

Video - Example of Mazak Champion Laser Cutter in Action


We have two Laser Cutters to handle all our metal cutting fabrication jobs. Our 2,500 watt Mazak Super Turbo X510 Mark II is used to cut the following metal thicknesses:


  • Mild Steel: Max Thickness - 3/4"
  • Stainless: Max Thickness - 1/4"
  • Aluminum: Max Thickness - 1/4"


Our other laser cutter is a 3,000 watt Mazak Optiplex Champion. That cutter is used to cut the following metal sizes:


Laser Cutter

  • Mild Steel: Max Thickness - 1"
  • Stainless: Max Thickness - 1/2"
  • Aluminum: Max Thickness - 1/2"


Both laser cutters are equipped to handle metal sheet size of up to 5' x 10'. For additional information of these two laser cutters, please see our Laser Cutter Equipment List.

We are experts in Laser Cutting.
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We serve customers in the areas surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and in the cities of the Upper Midwest United States.

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