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A Unique Metal Fabrication Project

What is this metal fabrication project? Axles for a scaled-down model train car? Center stands for a metal fabricated table? Roller hubs to hold heavy-gauge cable? Well, they are hubs but not to hold cable. These are actually center hubs for a tumbling machine built for a long standing, loyal DSI customer.

Tumbler - Metal Fabrication ProjectA tumbling machine houses cradles or containments that hold tumbling media. Parts are fed into the containment as it is continuously rotated. Based on the size of the media being used, excess material and burrs are removed from the parts to give them a smoother finish. These machines are relied on heavily in the metal fabricating business and operate continuously.

DSI has been building these center hubs for over twenty years and has mastered their production with unique precision. All the plates are machined in 1” thick metal. Outside diameter and center hole is cut. Shoulders are turned down on the center steel tube to allow for a hot MIG weld inside and outside the tube. This weld must withstand the constant torque applied to them during the years of non-stop operation. Holes and tap holes are machined before welding.

After the pieces are welded together, the second half of production is accomplished – this is the hands-on manual turning and trueing of both ends of the assembly. This is accomplished by setting up a steady rest to hold one side of the hub assembly while the other side is turned on the lathe. In the same way, the other side is turned and trued so that both ends are concentric, sharing the exact same center. It is an experienced operator that can quickly and effectively true these ends. After trueing the center of the assembly, all the threads are chased with a hand tap and finally the finished assembly is sent off for powder coating.

The entire production of this unique tumbler part takes roughly 10 hours to complete. There are not many other metal fabrication project shops that can do that. That’s because of the loyal and open-book relationship DSI has developed with the customer.  DSI strives to be open and honest with all customers - building a partnership environment where issues and ideas can be looked at and talked about objectively to the point where production becomes precise and more efficient.

That’s what you get when you work with DSI. Decimet Sales Inc. provides more than just metal fabrication and CNC machining services. We offer manufacturing solutions that lead to quick and efficient production and where customers are more than just satisfied… they are loyal and long-lasting.

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