Sheet Metal Fabrication – Locker Project

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Storage Locker CompleteDSI recently completed a sheet metal fabrication project that included manufacturing 25 flush drawer personnel lockers. This was a fabrication project for law enforcement.

The customer was looking for a locker to accommodate police officer’s gear. DSI designed this locker project with an interchangeable interior, pistol lockbox, boot tray, extra ventilation, custom drawer latch, clothes rack, and belt hanger.

DSI’s customer was faced with time-frame and budget constraints. So, DSI’s design engineers went straight to work. The biggest challenge on this fabrication project was coming up with a cost-effective drawer lock. The customer wanted the drawer to lock/latch automatically when closed after the top door was closed and locked. There were several purchased options that DSI could have gone with but to stay within budget, we designed one using our manufacturing resources. That option worked great. We designed the project to be leaner and that eliminated a lot of grinding. We also made the lock in-house, which reduced additional expenses.

We were able to get this project done on time because of the efficiencies of our designers and the sheet metal fabrication shop. Our work included laser, press brakes, mig and tig welders, saw, and punch, along with powder coating.

The customer was extremely pleased since the project was completed on-time and under budget. These are some of the many benefits you get when working with an experienced, full-service metal fabricating shop like DSI. We are a collaborative manufacturing partner. We provide quality and affordable best-in-class-solutions. If this is what you need, contact DSI today. We are experts in Fabrication productivity.

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