Retail Store Display - Metal Fabrication Project

Retail Store Displays – A Painful or Painless Reality

Retail Store Display FabricationLet's say you hold the reigns for the retail store displays. One of the largest suppliers is getting ready to ship their newest and hottest item of the season. Store management has determined that new, quality displays need to be ready in-store to drive the highest consumer interest and sales goals. You have less than a month to design the displays and determine the size, shape, color, and materials needed to make everything work. The standard store displays that have been used are damaged, outdated and just will not work. New displays are needed to draw the customer in and make the greatest impact on sales.

Where should you start? How will you plan out your thoughts and ideas and get them to the manufacturing stage?  Maybe you have a “dream” of an idea and you know an illustrator who can draw it out - you will still need a design engineer to create CAD drawings to ensure the design-to-manufacturing process is seamless. Finally, you will need a custom retail display manufacturer to transform the CAD drawings into actual product. Is there enough time to find and secure these manufacturing resources? Can you trust them 100% to carry out all this work on time and within budget? Then there are the plastic, hardware and assembly components that add additional time and personnel to the project. This dream idea sounds more like a painful project management nightmare!

The above scenario may seem like a long complex project for most, but for the employees at Decimet Sales Inc. (DSI), it is what we excel at every day. Decimet Sales, located in the Minneapolis, MN area, has been creating displays and store fixtures for marketing display companies for years. In fact, we have been in the fabrication and machining industry since 1982. With two facilities that cover more than 80,000 sq. ft., we are fully equipped to handle - from start to finish, any retail store display project.

Many customers describe Decimet Sales as a one-stop shop - and for good reason. DSI has designers and engineering consultants that have numerous years of experience in providing solutions that make design-to-manufacturing seamless, economical and void of costly errors. With the latest, state-of-the-art laser cutting, tube bending, sheet metal fabrication, and powder coating equipment, Decimet Sales takes the project from design to production, shipping, and final display, and we do it on time, within budget and painless as possible. DSI also has a team dedicated to quick-turn projects that need to be completed in a day or two.

Whatever your need is in retail store displays, Decimet Sales can handle any fabrication project management nightmare. Call on Decimet Sales Inc. for your next display project and make that dream-idea become a painless reality.

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