New Turning Center Lathe Increases Production for DSI

turning-center-lathe-spindlesGreat news! DSI has a new, PUMA TT2100SYY, Doosan Machine Turning Center. This top-of-the-line machine is everything anyone ever wanted in a lathe. With 8 and 10-inch, twin spindles, twin turrets with dual Y-axis, the TT2100SYY provides high productivity capabilities for DSI customers.

Now production can double by utilizing an upper and lower turret while the left and right spindle spins at 5000 revolutions per minute. 100 mm Y-axis stroke. Bar capacity is from 65mm~81mm (81mm optional). Twin turrets support 12 sessions and 24 positions. Active thermal compensation guaranties accuracy for the long hard runs. Add this all up and you have a turning center without limits, one that duplicates your applications, boost productivity and lets your machining creativity take you anywhere you want to go.

One DSI customer will be extremely happy with DSI’s new turning center capability. With a great relationship for over eight years, DSI knew this customer needed to increase production to 125,000 parts per year. So, to keep competitive with long-run production and insure we could meet the customer demand, DSI made the investment in the TT2100SYY.

Could DSI run parts without this machine? Absolutely. But to stay current with our customer’s needs and to quickly give them the quality they need at the best price, we made the commitment to invest in the TT2100SYY. Now we can double our output on parts. Troy Brake, DSI’s operations manager explains it this way. “This machine is one of the fastest machines on the market and will run parts faster than most others, keeping us very competitive and ahead of our competitors.”

Is Decimet Sales Inc. right for you? We like to think so. With over 80,000 square feet of metal fabrication and machining services and quick machines like the PUMA TT2100SYY Turning Center, we can provide high-productivity output while staying competitively priced.

Do you have a need for long-run parts production? Contact DSI for a competitive quote. We’ve been serving the machining and fabrication industry since 1982 and look forward to serving you.

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