Accurate Metal Fabrication Equipment -Amada Press Brake

Metal Fabrication Equipment Accuracy – Amada Press Brake

DSI recently completed a sheet metal fabrication project that included creating security podiums for a long-standing customer. One of the machines used was our Amada HG 1003 Press Brake. The Amada Press Brake was chosen for this project because of its accuracy and ability for quick tool setups. That allows us to work rush jobs seamlessly and perform three or four times the number of setups every day compared to a non-automated press brake. The Amada machine, part of our arsenal of accurate metal fabrication equipment, is an ideal solution for DSI because our projects have variable lot sizes and complex tool layouts.

The Amada HG 1003 Press Brake is truly a bending-system time saver. It allows our operators to produce efficient and accurate parts for both our main fabrication facility and our Rapid Response Cell. The Press Brake can load the most complex tool layout in less than three minutes and can be run by operators with varied experience levels.

After interpreting the prints and how to form the part, the operator programs the sheet metal bends either manually or programming can be accomplished with the computer. (View Full Size Video) After programming, and if previous job tools are currently set up, the Amada will clear them first. Then the machine will select the appropriate tools (punch and die) for the job and set them in place. The Press Brake is now ready to make the bends. The operator prepares the sheet metal by placing it against the back gauge and presses the foot pedal to perform the bend. At the end of the bend procedure, the bend indicator measures the bend and spring back. Because metal has a spring-back factor, the bend indicator will add an additional bend allotment which is programmed into the bend so that the metal finishes to the programmed angle.

When all bends have been accomplished, the operator will inspect each bend with a protractor, square and caliper to ensure all parts have been created to the specifications called out on the working prints. Without metal fabrication equipment like the Amada Press Brake, the above production would not be as quick, accurate and affordable.

We at Decimet Sales Inc. know that equipment makes a big difference. DSI metal fabrication equipment like the Amada Press Brake, provides affordable efficient accuracy with every part created. When parts are assembled, accuracy makes a big difference to the quality of the finished piece and that is a reflection on your business reputation. Are you receiving the quality your business reputation demands? Let DSI become your partner and we'll make affordable quality happen for you.

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