Stainless Steel Fabrication with today's high-end, top-of-the-line equipment is not as challenging as it was years ago. At DSI, our equipment makes it easy to cut, form and weld as it is with any other sheet metal. If you are looking for a corrosion-resistant alternative, stainless steel is a great choice. DSI has been machining and fabricating quality parts for the retail, industrial and OEM industries since 1982. We are experts in Stainless Steel Fabricating. Do you have a small stainless steel fabricating need? Maybe you need a source for large production runs. In either case, DSI is your best-in-class source for stainless steel fabricating. With over 35 years experience in sheet metal fabrication and cnc machining services, and a full engineering staff ready to assist you, DSI is your one-stop shop for quality precision, and fast delivery production runs. Contact us today with your stainless steel fabricating needs,


DSI manufactures stainless steel corners. We call them "Century Corners" because they are built to last 100 years. They are extremely durable and provide protection to floor corners that are subject to constant damage. These corners are perfect for replacing quarry tile corners that often crack. If you need durable stainless steel corners for your restaurant, retail or industrial application, we have a large inventory ready and available to order.

stainless steel fabrication - century corners

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