DSI has been doing sheet metal fabrication since 1982. Our precision quality services can be seen throughout any of our custom metal fabrication projects. With experience in industries ranging from retail, to industrial, to OEM, DSI has the capabilities and expertise to make your project a success. With DSI, you have a custom metal fabricating partner, backed by on-site quality inspection. We provide production solutions that are cost-effective and quickly delivered. If you need a partner in sheet metal fabrication, stainless steel fabrication or retail display manufacturing services, call on DSI. We are a full-service metal fabrication shop. We partner with customers that are looking for a one-stop solution for their parts. With the resources to go from design through production and shipping, DSI can handle your project from start to finish. Let's build together!

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Decimet Sales provides sheet metal fabrication services through advanced, cutting-edge technology and customer-first focus. We partner with you to create trusted, better-by-design solutions of metal fabricating projects with unmatched quality and on-time delivery. As a top-quality metal fabricator, we can even deliver your project in days if you need it! That's what makes us different in today's sheet metal fabrication industry. DSI's sheet metal fabricating department includes Laser Cutting, Metal Forming, Welding, Metal Finishing, Paint, and Assembly. We also have a full shipping department that can create custom packaging for your metal fabrication project needs.

Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Fabrication - Laser Cutting MachineDSI laser cutting uses computer numerical control (CNC) to effectively cut sheet metal to your project's specifications. The CNC laser cutter is controlled by CAD software and design that directs and moves the cutting beam and the sheet metal material. Our CAD engineers can partner with you to provide laser cutting service and solutions that will be both efficient and cost-effective. Our CNC laser cutting machine is quick and highly accurate. You need custom laser cutting? No problem. We are experts at Laser Cutting.

Metal Forming

Sheet Metal Fabrication - FormingWe employ state-of-the-art press brakes and other metal forming equipment to form metal to your exact specifications. When it comes to metal fabricating, DSI is a leader in the industry. We've been forming metal for nearly 40 years which is why customers continue to rely on DSI as their metal forming and fabricating choice. Our sheet metal engineers work with you to come up with a solution that fits your needs. Our expert metal fabricators then go to work on the Press Brakes, to deliver the quality parts you need.


Sheet Metal Fabrication - WeldingWelding services is a big part of our sheet metal fabricating shop. We do many different types of fabrication and welding including, robotic precision welding, MIG and TIG arc welding, spot welding, aluminum and steel welding, wire feed and manual welding. We have certified welders, welding engineers and an AWS certified welding inspector on staff. We are fully equipped to handle all your fabrication and welding needs.

Metal Finishing

Powder CoatingAfter your project has been cut and formed, metal finishing becomes the focus. Stainless Steel Finishing may also be part of your project. Yes, we do it! We provide metal cleaning or stainless-steel cleaning, grinding, deburring, timesaving, and/or precision powder coating. After metal finishing, your project will be ready for assembly.


Sheet Metal AssemblyWe know the importance of proper assembly. Nothing is so frustrating than finding a part or bolt missing to an expensive sheet metal fabrication project. With so much time and detail put into a project, it is only as good as the finished assembly. Every detail, every bolt, every weld, everything in the metal assembly is important, because it's your project built by expert metal fabricators from DSI.

Metal Stamping

Metal StampingMetal stamping or pressing is a metal forming process whereby flat coil or blank form sheet metal is feed into a steel stamping press. Before forming the material, a CAD/CAM professional must design the stamping tool. Then as the material is fed into the custom metal stamping machine, the tool and die area stamp the metal to the desired form. DSI can provide both short and long run stamping services. Contact DSI for all your metal fabrication needs.

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At DSI, we offer customers a variety of plastic or composite fabrication options including CNC plastic milling, CNC milling turning, drilling, and cutting plastics. If your needs include plastic or composite milling and turning, we can do it. Our core business is in milling and turning of both metal and plastics. Our engineering department and prototyping engineers have extensive experience with custom plastic fabricating projects. Give us a call and we'll earn the right to be your favorite plastic fabrication company.

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We serve customers in the areas surrounding Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota and in the cities of the Upper Midwest United States.

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