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Machining Milling Fixture – Custom Production

Machining Milling Fixture Project - DSI recently completed a Blade Fixture project which was a custom production machining fixture. The customer needed a machining milling manufacturing solution for the production machining fixture of a new product line they are releasing.

The customer's engineering and design team turned to DSI to make a custom, billet-machining-work-holding fixture solution. Every piece of the project was a special custom design that included CNC Machining Milling with some exotic materials.

The project was not your typical custom machined part or production part. The project was a work-holding fixture that was created to be able to help manufacture a production part more efficiently. It was a well-engineered product, utilizing various materials and features that are uniquely matched to the customer's part and production manufacturing processes.

We used MasterCam programming software for the programming end of the project and created the parts on our Mazak lathes and Haas mills. Our customer originally asked for the project to be completed in four weeks and DSI completed it in two, within budget.

The customer was extremely happy with how well we worked together with them to produce a final product that functioned perfectly and looked great. They were able to start their production manufacturing earlier than expected thus creating an increase in measurable profits. We'd like to thank everyone involved on this project for demonstrating DSI's commitment to quality production, timely service, and customer-first focus.

DSI has been in the machining and fabricating business for over 35 years. If you have a machining need, turn to DSI - we are your experts in Machining manufacturing.

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