Machining & Metal Fabrication FAQs


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Metal Fabrication FAQs

  • Can aluminum be welded?

    Aluminum is a tricky material to weld. DSI has the trained welders with experience and proper equipment for welding aluminum, even light-gauge aluminum components, including retail shelving, cabinets, electrical boxes and support framework.

  • What coating offers the best protection for interior retail displays?

    Powder coating offers a strong durable finish and is best suited for retail display applications. DSI can powder coat in a variety of colors and textured finishes.

  • Can you provide finishing services?

    Yes.  Many of our customers take advantage of our wonderful relationships we have with outside vendors to provide finishing services such as anodizing, passivation, plating, polishing, grinding, and heat treating.

  • Machining FAQs

  • What is the CNC Machining Process?

    The process of CNC Machining is when the machining tool operation is automated by pre-programmed software. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control” which means, the complex machining and tool movement such as speed, coordination and rate in which the part is fed into the machine is all controlled by software. CAD professionals design and draw up the part in the CAD program and then the machine carries out the repetitive movements rather than human operators so that consistent and precise parts production can be accomplished.

  • What is CNC Turning?

    CNC “Computer Numerical Control” Turning is a machining process that is controlled by pre-programmed software. Turning is a machining process where a plastic or metal part is held firmly in place while being rotated. The computer controls a turret which holds a cutting tool. The cutting tool is fed into the part to cut the piece into the desired shape.

  • Do we machine plastics?

    Yes.  We regularly machine PVC, Peek, Teflon, Delrin, and others.

  • Can composite materials be machined?

    DSI can machine most carbon-fiber composites, but special tooling is required and experimentation must be done on each new part to set the correct feeds and speeds.

  • When does it become economical to produce parts on Swiss turning centers?

    The answer is dependent on the complexity of the part. DSI recommends any quantity over 500 pieces would be a good candidate for the faster cycle times offered by Swiss cnc turning centers.

  • General FAQs

  • Do we have a single specialty market that we concentrate on?

    No.  We work closely with customers in motorsports, firearms, industrial, medical, aerospace, and retail markets among others.

  • Can we do quick-turn prototype work?

    Yes.  We do have our RRC (Rapid Response Cell) and rapid prototyping service dedicated to these sort of projects.  Please contact our sales department for details.

  • Do you powder coat inhouse?

    Yes we do all powder-coating in house. We have Parker Ionics Powder Coating Systems, Rapid Engineering Ovens (6 x 9 x 10), PEM 2 Stage Wash Systems and a Manual Wash System that handles parts up to 12′ long.

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