Laser Cutter Champions Store Fixture Display Project


DSI recently manufactured a series of store fixture displays for one of our customers. The project came to us by way of a referral, a sign of quality and trust recognition in the laser cutter and sheet metal fabrication industry.

We received the customer’s prints and our design engineers proceeded to create the CAD flat patterns and a working prototype. Our goal was to cut and bend the sheet metal with minimal waste. This was to ensure the design-to-manufacturing process operated smoothly and as quickly as possible.

The sheet metal was cut with our Mazak Optiplex Champion laser cutter which is state of the art laser cutting technology that uses Nitrogen for the metal cutting process. The use of Nitrogen eliminates scale buildup that often occurs with laser cutters that use Oxygen. Scale is a black oxide material that must be removed before the powder-coating process. Without the Mazak Champion capabilities, scale buildup would have added time and expense to the project. Our technology and expertise were called on resulting in lower costs, improved production, and quicker quality parts. These are a few more reasons why our customers continue to turn to DSI for their sheet metal fabrication projects.

After the laser cutting process, parts went to forming and bending, welding, grinding, inspection and then to powder coating and assembly. DSI’s highly organized fabrication process was also put to the test. The project did not come to us as a straight design-cut-form-assemble process. Some pieces came at the powder-coating stage, some pieces came at the welding stage while other pieces had to be created. We basically took up where others left off.

Whether it is creating parts from the design stage, powder-coating stage or continuing someone else’s work, DSI’s highly skilled work force manufactures quality functional parts. Our costs are highly competitive, and our workmanship builds trust.

If you are looking for experts in sheet metal fabrication or machining, Decimet Sales Inc. is a perfect choice. We have been in business since 1982 and have the technology, knowledge, and experience to provide cost-effective, working solutions. Give us a call at 763-428-4321 or request a quote today.

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