Metal Fabrication production for marker board feet

Feet for a Mobile Marker Bracket Board

Fabrication Production for Mobile Marker Bracket Board FeetSometimes a customer will come in thinking what they have drawn up and presented will work in the fabrication production process. Most often this is not the case. A drawing may look good structurally but when manufactured to the drawing’s specs, tolerances, bend allowances and welds may be off, thickness of steel may be too thin, holes may be drilled in the wrong position and a host of other problems may exist. Combine all these issues together and what do you get? You get an inferior part that may be dangerous, wear out too fast, expensive and/or one that just does not work.

This is what happened with a new Decimet Sales customer that needed to create feet for a Mobile Marker Bracket Board. The customer came in with their own drawings and wanted us to create a prototype. When the prototype was created, the customer found that there were design flaws, and the part was too flexible for the application. So, they looked to Decimet Sales’ design and engineering department to make the part structurally sound, sturdy, and sleek looking.

After presenting three designs that would work according to the customer’s needs, one design was approved, and the metal fabrication production was started. We used our fiber laser cutting machine to cut the metal, our Amada press brake to bend it, and welding and finishing to complete the fabrication production. Fifty Bracket Board feet were produced on-time and within budget which made a new customer a happy and satisfied customer.

One of the many benefits to working with Decimet Sales is that our design and engineering department most often gives value added services. Not only do we design and create good looking parts that can be manufactured quickly and affordably, but we also work with the decisions customers make. We do not always try to change these decisions as if we always know best. In this case, the customer had purchased casters for the bracket board feet for ease of mobility. To make everything work, we created a threaded bolt or pin with a shoulder to allow the casters to work correctly.

It is easy when everything works. Although that is not always the case when new customers come in, we at Decimet Sales strive to make it happen in the end – with our customer relationships and with the services we deliver.

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