When it comes to engineering consulting, turn to DSI. We work with clients every day to achieve design success and ensure manufacturability. With our extensive experience, we are the leading choice for machining engineering, sheet metal engineering design and CAD detailing. We have helped thousands realize efficient production, quick turn-around, and quality precision for their metal and plastic machining, fabrication, and prototyping projects. We have drafting and design engineering professionals on staff. We also utilize the latest in computer aided design (CAD) software from Autodesk, Solidworks and Mastercam. At DSI, we are fully equipped to assist you with your metal, plastic, or composite production project today!


Shhet Metal EngineeringAluminum, steel, brass, copper, nickel, tin, titanium - these are metals that can all be made into sheet metal. Who is to determine what metal is right for your project? Who is to determine how that metal gets cut, bent, formed, finished, assembled as a functional model and then will be able to withstand all the various stress factors? It is the sheet metal engineer. Hopefully, they will have the time-tested experience to develop and craft economical and viable solutions for your plastic and/or metal production projects.


DSI sheet metal engineers have what it takes to deliver plans of a flawless prototype and production run experience. DSI knows how to take plans that are not working models and make them manufacturable or functional. Set aside time right now to contact our DSI engineering consulting department. We know prototyping, machining, and fabricating, and we know how design and production affects your bottom line.

We are experts in Sheet Metal Engineering.
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Computer Aided Design, also known as CAD, allows the engineer or designer to digitally develop, edit, modify, and optimize or improve the design process and quality of the part being designed. Computer Aided Manufacturing, also known as CAM, improves the quality and speed of the manufacturing process by way of computer numerical control (CNC) machining and fabrication tools. The CAD CAM process provides the quality, precision, and cost-effective solutions customers need in today's manufacturing industry. We know computer aided design. We know computer aided manufacturing. We've been providing these services for over 35 years. More importantly, we want to help you achieve your manufacturing objectives today!


Engineer on CAD SoftwareAt DSI, we effectively use the latest, most robust engineering CAD software available to design parts that meet your precise tolerance needs. That design is then integrated with our CNC machines to help manufacture metal and plastic prototypes and production runs.


Customers turn to DSI because they trust us to be their CAD consulting solutions provider. If the job can be done quicker or a part can be made better, DSI will find a way.

We are experts in Engineering CAD Software.
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The process of Machining Tooling is an integral component when manufacturing plastic or metal parts. For example, each holding tool, cutting tool, welding fixture, all must be designed for precision, speed, accuracy, and repetition during the production run process. Tooling must be engineered and created with long lasting quality. There are numerous variables that must be considered. Costs will change for each project, but tooling does not need to be expensive - especially when you have a tooling design partner like DSI. When it comes down to our production process, we are experts at tooling design. We have helped numerous customers with designs that are precise and cost-effective. Call on DSI's innovative design engineering if you have questions about our machining process.


Tooling DesignDSI will partner with your design or prototyping engineer to offer viable and cost-effective solutions. Do you need to solve a CNC tooling problem? Do you need a press brake tooling solution? DSI can bring those resolutions to you quickly and affordably. Contact us today. We'll provide answers for your custom design projects.

We are experts in Tooling Design.
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