CNC Milling is a computer-controlled, milling machining process. This process is controlled by a computer program that rotates a multi-point cutting tool. The tool removes material from the surface of a stock workpiece and shapes it into a product or custom part. CNC Milling machines often have a moveable table that helps to shape the workpiece, but they can also be equipped with movable cutters. The milling process can be used to shape the workpiece from start to finish or be used as a secondary finishing process to achieve greater precision and definition. CNC Milling machining provides high accuracy, precision and helps to make machining production faster and more efficient.

DSI CNC Milling Services

DSI takes great care when working with customers to provide accurate and affordable CNC milling services. Our milling service spans nearly 40 years of experience and has been developed with full-service capabilities from CAD designing and programming, to finished parts production. Each step in the milling process is an integral part in providing accurate parts that meet customer requirements. These steps include:

  • Designing the part using CAD/CAM (Autodesk Inventor, Mastercam, and GibbsCam) programs
  • Converting the CAD drawing to a CNC program
  • Setting up the CNC milling machine with the appropriate tooling
  • Sending the CNC program to the milling machine and performing the milling operation
  • Inspecting the finished part to meet customer specifications

DSI milling machines are available with 3, 4, and 5 axes and provide operations along the X, Y, and Z axes. The X-Y axes can be described as left to right or back and forth movement while the Z axis is identified as up and down movement.

DSI milling machines employ both horizontal milling and vertical milling configurations.

Horizontal Milling

DSI horizontal milling machines have a spindle that is oriented in the horizontal position. This type of milling machine is also equipped with 80-tool capacity, arbors and support capabilities which help to stabilize the material during the milling procedure. Horizontal milling machines are best suited for heavier workpieces.

Vertical Milling

DSI vertical milling machines have a spindle that is oriented in the vertical position. Our vertical milling machines have from 20 - 30 tool capacity and are best suited for die-sinking applications.

DSI has invested in providing milling at its best. With 13 CNC milling machines, experienced operators, and a staff of highly trained CAM programmers, we are fully equipped to handle your milling needs. If you have a need for milling or turning services, DSI is a great choice. We will partner with you to design and produce your parts with efficiency, accuracy, and affordability. For more information about our milling and/or machining services, call us today at 763-428-4321 or go to our Contact Us page.

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