Powder Coat Painting

Powder Coating for a Durable, Long-Lasting Finish

Powder coating begins by spraying a powder onto a surface that needs finishing. The powder adheres to the surface by way of an electro-static charge. This powder could be made up of polyester, epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane depending on the need. The powder is then heated in an oven to form a uniform, thick shiny color coat… With the many projects DSI is involved with, the majority require a more durable, long-lasting finish. The choice to offer powder coating over liquid paint was based on a few major benefits. These include…

unique fabrication project

A Unique Metal Fabrication Project

A Unique Metal Fabrication Project – Tumbler hubs – Decimet Sales Inc. provides more than just metal fabrication and cnc machining services. We offer manufacturing solutions that lead to quick and efficient production and where customers are more than just satisfied… they are loyal and long-lasting


Sheet Metal Fabrication – Locker Project

DSI recently completed a sheet metal fabrication project that included manufacturing 25 flush drawer personnel lockers. This was a fabrication project for law enforcement. The customer was looking for a locker to accommodate police officer’s gear. DSI designed this locker project with an interchangeable interior, pistol lockbox, boot tray, extra ventilation, custom drawer latch, clothes …

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