Gun Site Project

AR-Gun Sight Milling Machining Project

milling machine projectDecimet Sales Inc. currently works with an AR-Gun sight customer. Unlike many of our other milling machining and fabrication projects that have a beginning-to-end mind set, the focus of this project is continuous improvement. The goals of the customer are to improve margins, increase order volume and increase sales dollars. To achieve those goals, DSI determined changes needed to take place.

For 10+ years, DSI has been providing quality horizontal milling machining services for the customer. Production on the AR-Gun sight has been growing and quality has been successfully maintained. The customer has been very happy with their relationship with DSI, and because of their growth and inventory needs, they decided to increase order size. One main problem existed. DSI was not currently able to fill the order by the delivery date. But when customers have needs, DSI sets out to provide solutions that will:

  • Meet the needs and expectations
  • Make parts on time
  • Fit the budget

So DSI went to work and partnered with a tooling specialist to better understand the tooling and life expectancy of the tooling. A few things were discovered. All new state-of-the-art tooling could be used for the horizontal milling machine to speed up and reduce cycle time. By changing the tooling recommended by our tooling specialist, DSI can reduce run time by 50 seconds per part. The customer’s part order was 30,000 pieces. This amounts to 416 hours saved. With that savings, DSI is now able to meet the customer’s delivery dates with the new order amounts. It also means DSI does not have to pay for those extra man hours to create the parts. In other words, more parts, in less time, within budget – and that makes the customer extremely happy.

With DSI, partnerships matter. That means if a customer has a need and there is a solution, chances are we will find it. Do you need a CNC Machining and Metal Fabrication partner? With nearly 40 years in the industry, and over 100 employees, we offer you our full expertise of highly skilled engineers, designers, and manufacturing professionals. We provide machining and fabrication solutions that meet your needs and expectations, can make your parts on time, and will fit your budget.

We are a leader in custom and contract metal manufacturing. Our solutions make sense. Contact Decimet Sales Inc at (763) 428-4321.

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