DSI has nearly 40 years of precision machining and metal fabrication production excellence. Over the years, we have learned many trouble-shooting techniques and have become proficient in Machining, Laser Cutting, Forming, Welding, Prototyping, Painting, Plating, Finishing, CAD design and much more. Our reputation stands in the industry as a manufacturer that exceeds customer expectations in quality, deliver and innovation. Our goal is continual process improvement, excellent customer service and to continue conforming to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


Jack Hines started DSI in 1982 selling and brokering fabrication projects. Jack learned the importance of serving his customer with exceptional quality and dedicated service. In 1996, Jack built the machine shop side of Decimet Sales and in 2005 the office building was built. A new warehouse was added in 2006 to fill the need for additional space. Further expansion included the addition of the Fabrication building in 2014 and Powder Coating stations were added in 2018. The most recent additions to DSI arsenal of leading edge equipment include a Mazak Fiber Laser Cutter, Amada Press Brake, Welding Robot, and CNC Mills. Today, with over 120 employees, DSI is fully equipped to handle all your machining and fabrication projects.


DSI is a leader in custom and contract metal and plastic manufacturing. We provide precision machining and fabrication projects for the firearm, retail, industrial and OEM industries. We also create prototypes and do engineering consulting for these industries. If you have a need for machining and metal or plastic fabrication, please look us up. Decimet Sales is a full service, one-stop shop with a great reputation for doing precision, quality work quickly and cost effectively. We look forward to serving you soon.

Machining & Sheet Metal Fabrication Products

Our Work Includes Machining and Metal Fabrication Products

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