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The 5S Method for Workplace Organization

It’s a competitive world out there, but for Sheet Metal Fabrication and CNC Machining shops like Decimet Sales Inc. (DSI), it’s more than just a competitive space - it’s crowded! That’s why we at DSI look for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition, while maintaining quality and staying competitively priced. One such way is by adopting the 5S method for workplace organization.

Does keeping an organized workplace really give us a competitive advantage? We believe it does and here are the reasons why.

First, the 5S method for workplace organization is a systematic approach to improved efficiencies and higher productivity. This method was first formalized and used in Japan in the 1970s by the Toyota Motor Company. Toyota used this method to maximize efficiencies and profit. Top efficiencies and productivity mean producing more quality products in less time and that translates into satisfied customers. If DSI customers can get their projects on time and within budget, a relationship of trust is built. That’s a much-needed differentiator in our crowded industry.

Secondly, the 5S method leads to lower costs. When we reduce costs while maintaining quality, we can pass savings on to the customer. This helps us build on the relationship of trust.

Additionally, the 5S method can help us toward higher quality, increased safety, and improved employee satisfaction. When employees feel safe and satisfied, turnover is reduced and production increases. Management can work at more important tasks rather than spending hours at interviewing applicants and training new employees.

The benefits of the 5S method are numerous and are helping differentiate DSI as your choice for CNC Machining Services and Metal Fabricating. These benefits can be traced back to the elements that make up the 5S method.

The 5S Method Explained

There are five main elements to the 5S method that if implemented correctly will transform a manufacturer into a safer and higher productive facility. These elements are described below:

Sort: Eliminate all unneeded tools, materials, machinery, distractions, and any item not needed for the current production. This creates a workspace free of clutter and provides the groundwork for all other elements.


Set in Order: With this element, all things necessary to complete the current production are put in a strategic place. These items should be easy to store, identify, get to, and easily returned to their proper home. The main key is standardization. If items are used together, they should be stored together. Other standardization options may include, storing items in priority order or putting items used more frequently closest to the user, labeling items and a host of other guidelines that may apply.

Shine: Keep your workplace cleaned daily. Clean machines and a workplace are an inviting environment for employees. Fewer injuries and fewer equipment breakdowns happen. Shine also includes inspection and maintenance. The goal of Shine is to have everything clean and running as long as possible in top working order. Breakdowns or having to invest in new equipment is expensive.

Standardize: Create a working order, standard procedure, or checklist to make sure the elements of 5S are carried out daily. If a procedure is in place, employees will know what to do and when to do it. Standardized procedures create uniform order and greater productivity.

Sustain: This last element of the 5S method should be designed to keep employees motivated, focused and on track to greater productivity. Concrete steps must be taken to keep employees from cutting corners and slipping back to old habits.

These five elements are becoming more of the daily culture of DSI. That means, you as our customer reap the benefits of choosing a sheet metal fabrication or machining facility that operates with greater efficiency and productivity.

If you have any questions about the 5S method for workplace organization or if you wish to tour our facility, please contact us at 763-428-4321.

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