Current Career Opening at DSI:

Project Manager


Job Title: Project Manager

Department: Office Personnel

Reports To: PM Supervisor

FLSA Status:  Non-Exempt


Shift Schedule 7:30 – 4:00 Monday through Friday or as needed to accommodate customers both internally and externally.


Summary:  Plan, coordinate, and direct the workflow of jobs from start to finish.





CNC Machining

Sheet Metal Fabricating

CAD Design

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ISO 9001:2015 Certified




Responsibilities and duties include:



• Work with customers on quotes

• Determine the amount of time necessary for the projects, cost of materials, outsourcing costs, etc. for the quote.

• Work with the customer after the quote to try and get a commitment to purchase and obtain a purchase order


• Proficient in the use of epicor.

• This may be utilizing various areas and then sharing any knowledge gained with others within DSI

• Follow required procedures for setting up and creating method of manufacturing.  Utilize job packets and routers in a way that is outlined by DSI standard procedures.

• This may include verification of accurate drawings, electronic files, job routing, work instructions, sym files, correct DXF etc.

• Utilize the developed checklist to avoid issues of repeated mistakes

• If there is a better way at doing something for the job packets and routers, share with the group.

• Understand various materials and design concepts in order to plan, direct and coordinate the project from the beginning until the end through the shop or through various outsourcing resources.

• Management of the jobs

• Work with the shop and scheduler to ensure on time delivery

• Expedite

• Follow up on projects and keep necessary individuals in the loop

• In the event of delay in delivery – respond immediately to the customer letting them know the status


• Work with various companies outside of DSI to generate the necessary parts and keep production moving for on time delivery.

• Create PO’s for the purpose of  outside suppliers to provide services

• Make phone calls to outside suppliers and keep them on task to ensure DSI products or goods are made in the time requested and to the quality standards desired.


• Communicate daily with customers and suppliers via phone and email. It is critical that communication is clear and consistent.

• Emails must be responded to within one hour of receipt if you are in the office. If the response requires additional research, preparation or time, then you need to respond and let the person know you are working on it and provide a time when it will be completed.

• Must maintain an attitude of “I can do”.

• Must approach all tasks and daily activities with a positive attitude and moral – no matter the stress or situation

• Once the project has shipped, notify when necessary all necessary individuals within the customers organization of the status of the shipment.  Provide any documentation or paperwork necessary.

• Promptly review, close out and ship jobs.


• Purchase materials and hardware necessary for the completion of jobs

• Ensure that the hardware and necessary materials are here prior to them being needed.  Do not order them “just in time”, but instead have them ready to complete the order when time allows in the shop.


• Closing out of packets/jobs/routers

• Properly record and maintain margins on all jobs.  If margins are below 30%, email management to notify the team of the margin.

• Record all notes on the job packet for future production runs when necessary

• Other duties as assigned.


Education or Certifications:

• High School diploma or equivalent

• Two year associate degree and two years’ experience in a project management style position.   May be a combination of schooling and education.



• Understand the concept of the blue prints and materials necessary

• Must be willing to take on challenges

• Take on additional tasks to help the team achieve desired goals with little or no supervision.

• Multitasking is essential in the position

• Understand how jobs must flow through the metal shop

• Pro-actively engage in a working relationship with other members of the team

• Ability to work through daily operational activities

• Ability to plan effectively and execute the plans

• Ability to make decisions with little or no guidance or supervision.

• Communication skills both verbally and written

• Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills

• Strong knowledge of inspection procedures


Company Goals:

• Ensure we are giving our customers 100% - all of the time

• 100% on time delivery

• 100% quality

• 100% customer service

• Fulfill our mission statement:  "Decimet Sales strives to exceed our customers' expectations in quality, cost, delivery and innovation through continually improving our processes and customer service."

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